Pharma Auditing, Consulting, Training & Project Management Company.

        As the name implies, we only serve the Pharmaceutical industry.
Pharma Arena had been founded to fill the gap in the Pharma Auditing, Consulting, Training & Project Management Company area.

The basic philosophy is totally customer oriented, that is to say, in addition to our standard services, total customized solutions to meet customer’s technical needs & financial capabilities are available.

Pharma Arena® was founded by Dr. Ahmed Gamal.
      Dr. Ahmed Gamal has more than 23 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Specialties include, training, sterile operations, new projects technical support, start ups and third party manufacturing.
Dr. Ahmed Gamal’s academic background includes, MBA, Black belt six sigma, QC/QA diploma & bachelor of pharmaceutical sciences.
The above mentioned academic background is backed with a vast technical  experience including multinational and reputable pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, Syria and Jordan.
Bristol myers squibb – Egypt otsuka – Asia pharma [Syria] – Eimc united pharmaceuticals [Now Hikma] – ITQAN pharma [Jordan] – Eva pharma

1. Integrity: Of all of Pharma arena's values, integrity is paramount. It is the foundation of all our business relationships, and is a key factor of our success. Pharma arena's integrity is evident in our character, our honesty, our reliability, our loyalty, the trust our Clients place upon us, our reputation for 'being there', and our technical depth & substance.

2. Passion for Service: At Pharma arena, we take it personally. We impose our own heightened sense of urgency and importance on our tasks. We employ resourcefulness and creativity to solve problems. We strive to accommodate our Clients by listening, understanding, and doing whatever it takes to exceed expectations. We place Client interests first, aiming for a level of hyper-service. We adapt to change through our flexibility, and our can-do, positive attitude. In short, we are passionate about delivering outstanding service.
3. Results: At Pharma arena, we value results as a means of measuring our performance and our value to Clients. We stand by our ability to understand requirements, be proactive, take timely action, and demonstrate industry leadership through comparative measures. We rely on results to measure personal, financial and operational growth for Pharma arena, for our Associates and for our Clients.
4. Harmony: Harmony is a powerful component of Pharma arena's competitive advantage. It inspires us to go further in every way. We seek to create a fulfilling work environment characterized by openness, optimism, growth, family, learning, teamwork, cooperation, a thirst for knowledge, community responsibility, mutual respect and not least, fun. This gives us strength, pride, initiative, and drive as an organization.
5. Communications: We make it our responsibility, as a quality organization, to attain excellence in all our oral and written communications. We hold correctness and professionalism to the highest standard and always communicate with our clients and their suppliers in the most timely and honest way.
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